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Selina of Sussex 1818-1886

by Leonard Holder

Family life in Sussex, southern England, seen through the eyes of Selina, the wife of Eli Page, farmer and Baptist minister

332 pages

22.9 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm

Published by Xlibris



My Early Life


Chapter 1 My Home and Family

Chapter 2 Selina—Countess of Huntingdon

Chapter 3 Uncle George Gilbert of Heathfield.

Chapter 4 Learning without School.

Chapter 5 Eli Asks Me Out.

Chapter 6 Courtship and Death of Eli’s Father

Chapter 7 Eli’s Conversion and Our Marriage


Clifton Farm, Arlington


Chapter 1 Our Early Home and Daily Routine.

Chapter 2 Sundays at Lower Dicker.

Chapter 3 Our Household Increases

Chapter 4 The Gruesome Side of Farming.

Chapter 5 An Additional Challenge

Chapter 6 Eli’s First Sermon..

Chapter 7 Springtime in Sussex.

Chapter 8 A Distressing Family Incident.

Chapter 9 Another Baby and the Birth of a Plan.

Chapter 10 Man Sows, God Gives the Increase.

Chapter 11 Harvest and Winter.

Chapter 12 A Bigger Farm.


Limden Farm


Chapter 1 The Move.

Chapter 2 A New Location with New Experiences.

Chapter 3 A New Crop.

Chapter 4 New Neighbours.

Chapter 5 Finding a New Church.

Chapter 6 New Challenges.

Chapter 7 Charcoal Burning.

Chapter 8 Grain Harvest.

Chapter 9 Harvesting Our Hops.

Chapter 10 Years Roll By.

Chapter 11 New Friendships.

Chapter 12 Bringing Up the Children at Limden Farm.

Chapter 13 Beekeeping.

Chapter 14 Eli Unsettled.


Perching Manor Farm, Fulking

1856 onwards

Chapter 1 A New Challenge

Chapter 2 Exploring Our South Downs.

Chapter 3 Sheep Farming on the South Downs.

Chapter 4 Family Readjustments.

Chapter 5 The Family Grows Up

Chapter 6 Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone.

Chapter 7 Sheep Washing and Shearing.

Chapter 8 Marriages.

Chapter 9 Eli as Itinerant Preacher.

Chapter 10 More Changes.

Chapter 11 Ruth’s Wedding.

Chapter 12 John and Mary Ann.

Chapter 13 Mayfield.

Chapter 14 A Sunday Evening Service at Mayfield Chapel.

Chapter 15 Spiritual Conversation.

Chapter 16 The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away.

Chapter 17 Two Contrasting Weddings.

Chapter 18 ‘A Faithful God’—But Is He?.

Chapter 19 Page in History.

Chapter 20 Ebenezer Dan Holder.

Chapter 21 My Epilogue.


Appendix 1 Eli’s Own Testimony of His Conversion..

Appendix 2.

Appendix 3 Sussex Windmills.

Appendix 4.


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Family Worries    A country ride