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Selina of Sussex 1818-1886

by Leonard Holder

Family life in Sussex, southern England, seen through the eyes of Selina, the wife of Eli Page, farmer and Baptist minister

332 pages

22.9 x 15.2 x 2.1 cm

Published by Xlibris

Feed back from readers

Thank you so much for the interesting book. I have to confess I’ve read it already, and found it hard to put down. What a lovely book it is,  I so much enjoyed it, my husband has hardly had a look in, but is enjoying it too.

Today we were in Sussex. I thought we’d locate the farm between Ticehurst and Stonegate, (Limden Farm). We found it easily and walked past. It brought the story to life. I think the house is pretty much as original and the beautiful countryside surrounding it with the river running through.

Ruth, Kent - Feb 2015

Just thought I would let you know I have read your book. It was really great and I love the way it is written. I had a job to put it down and grabbed every opportunity to read a few chapters. Some of the places named we have had connections too. My husband started his first job in Burwash after college. We also have friends and family in Hailsham, Hurstpierpoint and Croydon. Also my mother and father are buried at Dicker chapel as they lived nearby for the later part of their life. I shall have to visit some of the other places sometime and am wondering who I can recommend it to in family and friends who have connections in Sussex.

Marion, Kent - January 2015

We finished it two weeks ago and what a smashing book it is. Can you do a follow up?

Ann, Huntingdon - Feb 2015

I have been rather preoccupied lately and so I have only managed to browse through my copy of your book but our Pastor told me the other day that he has been reading the copy I gave him and he remarked on how well it is written.

William, Guernsey - Feb 2015

Really enjoying your book Len.

 Julia, Berkshire - Feb 2015

It has been a great pleasure to read ‘Selina of Sussex’. … Farming life in the early 19th century  was very hard. It is an interesting read. A lot of research was necessitated. I was most interested to read about our local chapels, especially Henfield, Mayfield, Little Dicker and Heathfield (Broad Oak). My parents were brought up at Broad Oak

Evelyn, Sussex - Feb 2015

Just thought I'd drop you a few lines to say how much I've enjoyed "Selina" what an amazing heritage of God's love through so many generations. How blessed your grandchildren are (and of course you yourselves) to be able to trace your Christian faith back so far. If I'm totally honest I was expecting it (that is your book) to be rather "heavy " how wrong can one be? I'm looking forward to the next volume!

Jean, Hampshire - March 2015

I have just placed an order for a second copy as  they (my sons, husband and two sets of grandparents) are all queuing up to read it and I originally ordered one for my father who wanted to give it to the chapel as a gift. We attend Mayfield strict Baptist Chapel every Lord’s Day evening and see Eli Page’s plaque on the wall.

I will be telling my Christian home-schooling friends about the book as I can see it reads well for young people. May I advertise it on our Christian home-school e-mail list?

Joanne, Sussex - March 2015

Just finished reading 'Selina of Sussex' while staying at a farmhouse in East Sussex. Well written and a good read; what a privilege to be able to trace a line of God fearing ancestors. I learned a lot about the Christians in her time and about country life.

Sue, Hampshire - March 2015

I’ve just finished reading your new book and I want to tell you what a blessing it’s been to me.  I’ve been so inspired by Selina’s simple faith and trust in God and the way she so faithfully supported her husband in every season of their life together, depending on the Lord for the strength she needed for the labours He had ordained for her.  It was so interesting to see history brought to life through the everyday events of this large farming family and I can’t wait to share it with our grandchildren.

Diana, Kent - March 2015

My other point was about 'Selina of Sussex'. I have just got to the last full stop, and it has been a fascinating and inspiring read, especially the insights into theological issues then extant, and still around today. Also the conversion of one of their daughters just before she died, was not only moving, but a summons to better ways of praying, and wrestling with God.

Peter, Kent May 2015

This afternoon I finally put Selina of Sussex down, having read the book from cover to cover. What a page-turner! Len, you have a gift for storytelling and bringing people and their times to life. I loved the descriptions of the countryside and the way people farmed in those days. It was thrilling to read about the chapels / causes in Sussex and how the Lord met with the saints there, about Selina herself and how she blossomed spiritually and how she became such a helpmeet to her husband, about Eli's wrestling with his preaching and sermons, and I laughed out loud at the story of his flinging the hymnbook at the poor snorer! It makes me want to visit the places and try to envisage them as they were in her time. I feel as though I have got to know her as well as her family, and, as at the end of every good book, I miss the main characters. It must have been really hard work getting all the research done but I am sure that you derived a great deal of pleasure from recreating her life and times. I know I would. So thank you very much for bringing her alive to us today. ‘Selina’ now has pride of place amongst my favourite books on my bookshelf.

Ann, Wales 2018